The IGF Alphabet (A To F)

It’s that time of year again, where the internet is flooded with hundreds upon hundreds of indie games all vying for the prizes offered by the Independent Games Festival. There are, frankly, almost too many for any single gamer to work through. There’s a solution though! This article. Jeez, I thought you would have worked that out by now.

A is for A Virus Named Tom

A Virus Named Tom is a fast-paced puzzler with a wonderful comedic style, it’s a fantastic debut game from Misfits Attic and one I’ve already championed on Robotgeek. The pipe puzzles made famous in Bioshock writ large, it’s a well-developed and entertaining puzzler.

B is for Blindside

Blindside embodies the entire spirit of the IGF. Experimentation and innovation are key and Blindside has that in spades. Everyone knows that darkness and quiet invasive noises are a mainstay of horror and this game blinds you and leaves you wandering through an atmospheric and terrifying experience. Make sure to use headphones.

C is for Card Hunter

I love card games. Collectible card games even more so. They hit that tiny primitive part of my brain that adores stuff, lots of stuff, shiny stuff, my stuff. When combined with videogames, it becomes instant crack cocaine mainlined into my spine. Cut-out cardboard graphics, strategy and dungeon delving make Card Hunter damned irresistible.

D is for Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve is a survival sim as imagined by an early Tim Burton. Gothic visuals belie a deep survival sim that continues to surprise me after quite a while playing. Favourite moment? Setting up a campfire in the middle of a forest, giving the campfire too much fuel and watching as the forest around me burnt down. My character’s comment? “I think I could have prevented that”. I never will though.

E is for Endless Space

It’s another game that I’ve covered before. Endless Space is a polished take on the 4X genre from French developers Amplitude Studios and the game’s stage-by-stage combat innovates where most 4X games are willing to stick with traditional units bumping into one another until one loses. It’s also received one rather sizeable free expansion so far, with more likely to come. Free is a good price indeed.

F is for Fighting Words: Adding Insult To Injury

Well, if you’re looking for something unique in your gaming experiences, you really needn’t look much further than Fighting Words. It’s a card-based beat-em-up, where you combine the phrases on the cards in order to physically harm your opponent with your words. I have no idea how all this works, but I really want to beat someone up by telling them they turned my brother into a girl in my car.

Tune in soon for letters G through L.

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