The IGF Alphabet (G To L)

If this makes no sense to you whatsoever, you should maybe hop back to my last post and catch up. Mind you, it’s the alphabet we’re talking about here, it’s not too difficult. Now for the next six of the best of the IGF.

G is for Gamer Mom

Do not play this if depressed. Trust me on that one. Most of us will have had to try to convince loved ones that the games we play aren’t pointless toys and Gamer Mom strikes at that exact feeling of alienation and loneliness that can be caused. A moving and futile experience.

H is for Hotline Miami

It’s blood the pipe to the face of the guard quickly turn dodge bullets fired by friend dies with a shot to the sternum face beaten into pulp dogs can’t kill the man with the dog mask he smashes his way through pain and suffering to vengeance.

(Which is to say that Hotline Miami is an excellent game and I’ve reviewed it right over here)

I is for In Verbis Virtus

I’ve had a somewhat chequered history with voice recognition software, so it’s with a sense of excitement and deep unease that I pick for your contemplation the game In Verbis Virtus, a physics puzzler of sorts that requires the world-changing spells to actually be said out loud by the player. I can’t vouch for how well it works, but it deserves to be lauded for its bravery.

J is for January

A music-generation game powered by the soft touches of snowflakes on the tongue of a solitary man. It’s evocative and January is, and I say this with not a lie in my heart, the best snowflake catching game I think I’ve ever played.

K is for Krautscape

Which, if I’m reading this correctly, isn’t a German version of Farscape. A stylistic racing game with a rather fantastic twist; the lead player designs the track during the race. In Krautscape, the track is generated depending on where the lead racer is on the track, with a tighter and tighter curved track created depending on how close to the edge the lead player is. It’s a very smart idea and I can’t wait to see how it works in practice.

L is for Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime

It can sometimes be difficult finding good co-op games on the PC. Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime is a co-op game that essentially puts you in the shoes of a crewman aboard a spherical ship, running back and forth to man turrets and shields while a friend does the same. It has the potential to lead to a lot of friend-based shouting, eventually ending in the dissolution of a friendship just because they didn’t listen to your demands of a man on the turrets even though you told them in plenty of time and they just don’t listen to me ever why am I frie-

…Or something like that.

Next, for those illiterate readers out there, will be the letters M to R.

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