The IGF Alphabet (M To R)

That time again already? Well, here we are for the next instalment of the IGF Alphabet. Have you been enjoying it? If so, I’m sad to say there’s only one left after this. If you’ve hated it, congratulations, there’s only one more left after this! It’s a win-win, folks.

M is for McPixel

Adventure games, as far as I’ve experienced, suffer one major flaw. So much wasted time is involved in rubbing every single object you own against every object in the environment and there’s two solutions. First is the Ben There, Dan That style of making each interaction hilarious. The second approach is McPixel‘s vignettes, giving you seconds to solve each scene, usually in the form of brute violence or explosions. It’s the perfect remedy to a hard-to-like genre convention.

N is for NEO Scavenger

I start in an abandoned facility, cryo-tubes surrounding me and in the distance, the soft sound of some creature creeping towards me. I quickly hack the nearby computer to open a tube, to leave a frozen CEO as bait. I escape untouched and emerge into a destroyed city-scape. This is NEO Scavenger. A hex-based scavenging game with turn-based combat, it plays like a lonely DayZ server. Occasional meetings with other humans lead to scuffles over supplies and most often, death. Definitely recommended when it has a full release.

O is for Organ Trail: Director’s Cut

Zombie apocalypse games are two for a penny. There’s some inhuman quality about zombies that makes the mass slaughter of them a morally positive act, if we go by generally accepted standards in the medium. That’s why Organ Trail is a breath of delightful decaying air. Moving westward in a small convoy in the midst of hordes of walkers, it channels Oregon Trail for the modern audience. Is zombification better than dysentery? I’m not sure.

P is for Path of Exile

This seems to be the update with the most games I own in it. Path of Exile is, to all intents and purposes, Diablo 2 in multiplayer mode. In fact, there’s very little else to say about the game other than the fact that it seems to grasp the inherent Diablo-ness that we love more than Diablo 3 does. Loot, killing, sell loot, buy equipment, etc. It may just be Diablo 2 with better graphics, but honestly? I’m happy with that.

Q is for Q.U.B.E.

It’s very much a puzzler ripped from the womb of Portal‘s sterile lab design. Once you get past the mental block you may have over what looks like a Portal clone, there’s a deep complexity to Q.U.B.E.‘s block moving puzzles and rotating rooms. It may be cut from the same cloth, but it’s a whole new outfit.

R is for Red Rogue

A self-described roguelike-like, Red Rogue plays more like the bastard offspring of Nethack and a SNES platformer than anything else. With a simple design and an interesting concept, Red Rogue had sold me on itself when I identified a fedora to find it was called the Indy. I like references.

Part 4, our final part, will appear tomorrow.

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