The IGF Alphabet (S To Z)

You know what? I consider myself lucky that there’s been a game for every letter so far. I’ve yet to look past V towards the arse of the alphabet though, so things could change. Count that as a warning if there are repeated letters later…

S is for Sang-Froid- Tales of Werewolves

Tower defence is a genre that, quite frankly, we’ve seen enough of. Yet here I am recommending Sang-Froid, a Canadian folk-tale that revolves around defending certain buildings from waves of enemies. What saves Sang-Froid from the large pile of TD games is a warm folksy story driving forward the gameplay, a Grimm experience in the frosty woods.

T is for The Iconoclasts

Metroid-style games seems to be making somewhat of a comeback, which is pleasant to the child in me that grew up playing those games. The Iconoclasts is a sweet take on the genre with entertaining and likeable dialogue framing the weapon-collecting switch-hitting action. I’ve played through the available demo and was captivated and think you might be too.

U is for Unmechanical

Unmechanical is a little robot roaming 2D corridors, solving intricate puzzles as it goes. With a fairly fantastic critical response, it’s not just another entry into the over-saturated puzzle game genre; it’s a brilliant one.

V is for Voyager

Why have I picked Voyager? The dedication behind it is why. It’s a game made from actual wool and actual fibres and it’s animated entirely in stop-motion. Even if the game wasn’t magical looking and was full of cliches from every game ever made, it’d still be worth a look. Woolen stop-motion!

W is for Windward

Yaaaaaaaaaar! Pirates ahead! There was a game on the original Playstation that I can’t quite remember the name of that involved sailing a ship around small levels, firing broadsides at anything that dared cross the path of the seven year old scavenger, the primary school plunderer, the Dread Pirate Emslie. Windward takes that game and gives it unlockable skills and dozens of other player controlled ships to destroy, an excellent experience all around. Ahoy and such like.

X and Y are for, well, we’re finally stumped. There wasn’t anything under these letters either at all or that I thought worth recommending. So spend this time making a cup of tea or suchlike, have a break before the big finale.

Z is for Zombies, Run!

Not quite a game in the same fashion as the others on the list and more an exercise motivation tool/augmented reality, Zombies, Run! provides motivation to go running in the end of days. Searching for supplies, rescuing survivors and building up a settlement all occurs on your daily runs, with the story funneled into your ears as you exercise. It’s a fantastic idea and brilliantly executed.

There we have it folks, an entire alphabet of indie gaming perfection at your fingertips. There’s almost literally something for everyone in the list, so I encourage you to delve into some of the games I’ve recommended then move onto the IGF website itself for several hundred more.

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