A Calm, Measured Response to the NRA

I’ll admit it- I’m a gamer and a gun owner. This is my personal opinion, and no one else’s.

Honestly, I’m shocked to have been regarded as a consumer of the ‘filthiest form of pornography‘, as if I was below a pedophile for playing violent video games. It’s kind of been a grand betrayal, because in most cases, I step up and defend the NRA in conversation- they defend gun owners like me. Or did. I believe that gun ownership is basically harmless for the average citizen, the same way that car ownership is. I believe in the right to concealed-carry, because not everyone works someplace safe, because between calling the cops and when they get there might be the difference between life and death. I believe in the right to self defense because when it comes down to it, lethal force is lethal force, no matter if you’re using a gun or a claw hammer to fight off an abusive ex-husband. Guns are equalizers force those who would be vulnerable. They aren’t a cure all, but I believe a fighting chance is better than no chance at all for the average citizen. I believe that guns don’t make you a bad person, and you should be allowed to own whatever small arm you want, so long as you store and use it in a responsible fashion.

Now, grand betrayal and slander notwithstanding, you’ve just weakened your main argument, NRA. The crux of the argument against gun control legislation is that like cars, guns are just hunks of metal and plastic that are responsibly and legally used by millions of law-abiding Americans every day. Games are essentially the same, likewise with movies. As discussed in my previous post, there are absolutely huge numbers of gamers out there, and if your argument held any water, wouldn’t we all be raving lunatics, tearing the heads and spinal columns out of one another like in Mortal Kombat? Seems ridiculous, doesn’t it? Like with any reasonable and sane person, I can tell the difference between ‘fantasy’ and ‘reality’. A game is just a piece of plastic, and like a gun, doesn’t inspire violence. As well, I’m sure you’ve been told your game and movie references are mostly more than a decade old, which really diminishes the impact of what you’re saying.

In the end, your press release has not a single mention of mental health reform. Not one. Instead of treating persons with mental illness, you propose to ignore the elephant in the room and let them try to attack schools because they have security guards? Why not try to identify and treat the problem before it becomes a bloodbath? One of the leading causes of firearms-related deaths is suicide. Why doesn’t the NRA take the lead, and start a phone line for gun owners to call if they’re depressed? Why not take steps to get gun owners the help they need, if they need it? Why not open up lines to those veterans, those police officers you represent- the ones with the simply CRIMINAL suicide rates? Mental health issues in America are simply unaddressed- and that is the root of all these shootings, not guns or violence in the media.

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