Bachelor Chow: Pasta and Meat Sauce

What does food have to do with geekdom, you may ask? Well…sometimes, everyone needs a quick, reasonably healthy meal ready. Maybe the raid went a little long, and your significant other will be there in twenty minutes. Maybe you don’t know how to cook beyond soft boiling an egg or cooking oatmeal. Screen-Shaped Eyes is here to present you with easy, affordable ways to sate yourself and occasionally impress others.

As someone who has at various points been referred to as both saucy and meaty, this is one of my favourite recipes. Better yet, it doesn’t even require measuring cups, since it’s far easier to measure by taste.


– One package of ground beef (about .5 kg is good)

– 1 tbsp of olive oil

– One jar of pasta sauce or ground tomato: plain or fancy and full of vegetables and spices

– Pasta

Optional Ingredients (see? I told you it was easy!)

– Ketchup

– BBQ sauce

– Oregano

– Salt and Pepper

– Garlic or Garlic Powder

– Onion or Onion Powder (or both!)

How to Make Food Happen

1. Heat olive oil in a large frying pan at medium heat.

2. Add ground beef, stirring regularly so that it gets cooked all the way through. Put a pot of water on to boil, too. Throw in a bit of salt.

3. Once the ground beef is cooked, with very little or no pink left, pour in the pasta sauce. If the water is now boiling, add the pasta.

4. Stir the sauce well and let it heat until the sauce is bubbling slightly, then take a small taste now, just so see what you’re starting from. If you’re tired or lazy, throw in some salt and pepper and you’re done. Otherwise, turn the temperature down to low, and let the sauce simmer.

5. Chop up some onion and garlic, and add them to the pan and stir well. The onion needs to cook a bit. If you don’t like your onion at all crunchy, you can add it with the meat while cooking, too. If you don’t have onion or garlic, never fear. I have a solution.

6. Add a splash or two each of ketchup and BBQ sauce. Stir, and taste again. Sampling food is the best way to learn to cook, I promise.

7. Add herbs and other flavouring agents. If you have it, give it a try! I tend to go for oregano or italiano blend. Now’s the time to add more salt and pepper, if you think it requires it. If you didn’t have onions or garlic, you can also put in garlic and onion powder. They’re available in large bags at any grocery store ever, and are an excellent seasoning to put on most meats.

8. Let the sauce simmer for a little longer, then turn the heat off. If your pasta’s been cooking for more than 10 minutes, it’s probably overdone. Turn off the burner now.

9. Just put the pasta into a bowl, or on a plate. Pour some sauce on top. Dinner, like magic. The best part? You totally have leftovers for another day or two now. Or you can invite friends and loved ones over to impress them with your culinary genius.

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