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Prepare to Panic: New Details on Dark Souls II Emerge

This week, those of us eager to hear more about Dark Souls II received a few more morsels of information about the game’s development.

dead souls

The news likely left fans with with one major question.

Should they be worried?

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Things I Learned From World of Warcraft, Part Two

The other day, I was walking home from picking up Christmas presents and I had my jacket open. It was unseasonably warm and my rucksack was full, so I opened my hoodie to try and cool myself. I was wearing my old For the Horde! shirt underneath, and as I walked, I received no less than two nods of recognition and a fistbump from passers by. It’s not an entirely unheard of thing- when I wore the shirt to Video Games Live last year, there were constant exchanges with strangers ranging from ‘what server do you play’ to the odd Orcish salute and ‘FOR OGRIMMAR!‘.

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Review: Riven for iOS

It’s hard to look at a game like Riven without the fog of nostalgia clouding my vision.


I remember spending hours playing the game, and its predecessor Myst, on my family’s old PC, taking down detailed notes and calling my dad in to help me with some of the harder puzzles.

I remember being completely absorbed with the world’s detailed environments, rendered in a more stunning way than any game I’d seen on my home consoles.

When I saw that developer Cyan Worlds had released an iOS version of the game as part of Myst‘s 20th anniversary, I was more than curious to see how a game I was so enamoured with as a kid held up after all these years.

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Good Bad Guys? Bad Good Guys?

I get excited by shows that surprise me or give me elements that I can identify with. When you empathize with a character you tend to become attached; you begin to cheer them on because you feel you have something in common with them. Of course when characters are written as more than ‘one-dimensional’ puppets, they also feel more real and usually that’s when growth happens. It’s amazing when a show can make you empathize with the villains as much, if not more so, then the heroes. In fact I think it is the mark of a great storyteller when the difference between the two (the hero and the villain) become very hard to distinguish.

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Dead Space 3: Where It All Went Wrong

I feel like I would warn everybody, spoilers will abound for Dead Space and Dead Space 2 in this article and there’s also a bit of a NSFW warning to the trailers in this article as well. That said, looking at the screens, it’s hard to see how Dead Space 3 is connected at all to the rest of the series. Gone is the isolation, the madness, the claustrophobia that made the series enjoyable in the first place. Instead we have wide open spaces and a snarky, generic space marine companion. How did it come to this? Continue reading

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Review: Organ Trail: Director’s Cut

I wouldn’t have thought it would be possible for food to be quantified numerically (I have 63 food) or for someone to dick around enough to ruin that food. Yet here we are, Ross. Our long slog of a journey has taken us through hordes of zombies, roving gangs of biker bandits and through sparsely populated hovels. We’re going to die because you can’t stop messing up our food supply. Don’t even get me started on your outburst of typhoid. We’re going to die on the Organ Trail.

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Review: Ready Player One

Hey you! You ready? What happens when you take the basic good vs evil story, mix in as much 1980’s pop culture as possible, throw in the multiversal virtual reality that is the internet and shove it all in a book? Well, Ernest Cline got Ready Player One and frankly it’s done so well, I’m not really bothered what you got.

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Review: 10,000,000

I don’t envy the protagonist of 10,000,000. Abandoned and alone in a derelict castle, he passes boarded doors punctuating the empty halls. Doomed to run forever through forgotten corridors, clashing with ancient oak and fabled beast, until the omniscient gaoler deems he has run far enough and well enough to have earned his freedom.

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Bachelor Chow: Ranch Pasta

The eating habits of the average bachelor are, needless to say, truly atrocious. Some people don’t have time. Some people never learned to cook. However, a healthy meal is one of the most important things a man can do for himself, especially it’s it’s cheap and quick to make. Better still if it’s easy- and thus, Ranch Broccoli Pasta was born. This is also an easy way to impress your significant other in a pinch. It seems like a lot of work, but it’s not in the least. Continue reading

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Thoughts on Being a Female Geek

This is an article I’ve been putting off writing for a while, despite how close it is to my heart. As a geek and a girl, I have experienced the full array of treatments that our community has to offer women. I have been ignored and insulted; idolized and fetishized; but also welcomed with respect, integrity and open arms. As I sat at my kitchen table this morning eating breakfast and facing an age-old dilemma (attempting to read my comics and eat my food without staining Alex Ross’ stunning artwork), I started thinking again about the recent resurgence of internet hatred for “fake geek girls.” My goal today isn’t to get angry about the constant and abusive griefing of women in video games, or to systematically respond to every self-righteous blogger who wants to list me the reasons why girls cannot be geeks. I don’t have the constitution for that right now, it’s too infuriating. My intention is simply to paint a brief picture of what our experiences are; the good and the bad.

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