Screen-Shaped Eyes: Self-Promotional Post

Hello, wonderful people of the internet.

Website - ScreenShapedEyes

I’d like to thank you all for supporting us since we’ve launched. We’ve seen our figures reach levels we never thought we would over the past few months and we’ve got you lovely readers out there to thank for it. “But Scott”, I imagine you plaintively mewing into your choice of electronic screen, “What else can we do to help?”. I’m glad you hypothetically asked.

We’ve launched a shiny new Youtube channel just a few weeks past and we’re now two episodes into our Mercy Mode series, where Fi Miller takes on the hardest games around and only swears a little bit. Well, quite a lot, really. So if you head over there now, you can subscribe to our channel to be kept updated on our new releases. We have two new series in the works too, though we’ll announce those on the site closer to the time.

We also have a community page hosted over at Raptr, so if you’re a member of the internet’s premier game-tracking service, you can join our community and be updated on our newest articles as and when they go live.

You can do the same by joining our Facebook and Twitter pages too, so if you’re a stalwart defender of liking and following, don’t panic. We’ve got your back there too.

It really has been an honour for us to see the site begin to bloom this early, so thank you all once again for your support. We’re looking forward to bringing you even more of the best games writing over the next year, so we’ll see you soon, same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel.

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