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Review: Guacamelee!

Mix super-powered lucha libre wrestling with classic Metroidvania open-world gameplay and what is the outcome? A mash of Mexican madness which is one of the hottest action-platformers during this gaming generation. Designed by little known developers DrinkBox Studios, responsible for Tales Of A Blob From Space, this Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita exclusive game is a unique, visually pleasing and astoundingly amusing game to play and certainly has a lot to shout about.

guacamelee 1

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Reloading: Infinite Possibilities, One Course of Action

This goes without saying, but heavy spoilers for Bioshock: Infinite. You have been warned.

When THIS is your protagonist's biggest claim to fame...

When this is your protagonist’s biggest claim to fame…

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Screen-Shaped Podcast: Dat Carapace

Welcome boys and girls, one and all, to the very first episode of the Screen-Shaped Podcast!

Queen of Blades

Chris, Scott, Callum, and Nick band together to talk about:

  • Insect-Based Fetishism!
  • Child Trafficking!
  • Not Time-Travel!
  • Metacritic!
  • DRM!
  • Not Space-Squids!

And much more!

Please be warned, however, that there are major spoilers for Bioshock Infinite, among other games.

Intro/Outro Credit: Tank!

Written By: Yoko Konno

Performed By: The Seatbelts

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Conpulsion’s Tabletop Gallery

Pictures are worth a thousand words, which means if we link two images, we basically don’t need to write one whole article, right? Which means if we posted a whole gallery, we could just stop working forever. This is beginning to sound appealing.

So, in the spirit of never working again, here’s Michelle’s excellent gallery of photos from Conpulsion 2013. Did her lens-shaped lens find you?

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140 Characters, One RPG: Interview with Tweet RPG’s Sam Richards

A lot of the debate at Conpulsion 2013 revolved around the future of tabletop gaming and RPGs and it was fitting that these debates should take place when Sam Richards was attending. Sam, you see, is in the perfect position to be considered an expert voice on the subject. He’s taken the traditional RPG format and merged it with Twitter to create Tweet RPG, the first RPG that was created for and is intrinsically entwined with social media. I managed to grab some time with Sam before he ran off into the Future of Gaming talk.

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Of Monsters and Men: Thoughts On The Future of Horror Games

This article contains minor spoilers about Bioshock Infinite and Silent Hill 2.

It’s a disappointing time to be a fan of horror games. Those of use who grew up on frightening classics like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame and Dead Space have watched our beloved franchises languish, morphing into boring, action-oriented shooters or devolving into uninspired, mundane fan service and schlock.

It’s been a while since I played a game that’s genuinely frightened me. I was ready to give up the ghost (pun very intended) and be content to have seen the heyday of horror gaming come and go.


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Conpulsion 2013: A Sense of Conmunity

There’s a warming sense of inclusion when you walk through the imposing front door of Teviot House. This weekend, the stately corridors forgo student life for the reverberation of d20 scattered on oaken tables. Hundreds of like-minded folk have come together in the pursuit of a common goal: the rampant acquisition not only of joy, but of experiences shared.

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Sins Darker Than Death or Night: Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite is a game that plays with your expectations. Bad is good, up is down, and no one is quite what they appear. The game does a masterful job of it, as well.


Like the previous article Bioshock Infinite article, I’m going to have to insist that people who haven’t completed the game not read past the jump. Trust me, you’ll thank me in the end.

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Conpulsion 2013: Die-Shaped Eyes

There’s a storm a-brewin’. A cacophony of dice and stats and fiends is descending upon Edinburgh in just a few days, when Conpulsion 2013 opens.


From April 12th to April 14th, Conpulsion will be taking place in Teviot House and we’re going to be there, covering the event. “But what is it?”, you cry at your monitor, forgetting for an instant that the harsh reality of the internet is that I can’t hear you. Conpulsion is a tabletop gaming and gaming culture convention, full of wonderful talks, games being run by experienced GMs and stalls full of home-made chainmail(!). The full programme is available here.

Most importantly, the event’s aim is to raise money for Waverley Care. Waverley Care is a charity that, if I may quote:

“provides care and support to people in Scotland living with HIV or Hepatitis C. [They] have project bases in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Inverness and work across eight health board areas. [Their] purpose is to make a significant and meaningful difference to the lives of people living with these long-term conditions to enable them to  participate as fully as possible in the social, economic and civic life of their communities.”

The ticket prices are £10 per day or £15 for the weekend pass and the money raised here, as well as with the restaurants and cafes associated with the event, goes towards this worth cause.

So, if you happen to bump into us, come say hi!

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Bachelor Chow: Ramen Done Right

Everyone’s done it. You’ve got two hours between work and school in which to get some food, play the game you crawled out of bed at 0700 to get from EB on launch day, shower, and put some caffeine into your body. You haven’t eaten much minus that questionable urban food log at ten in the morning, and you’ve got to prioritize. Alright, ten minutes for the shower, five minutes to eat (while cutscenes play, of course), and five minutes of food preparation. Your eating options are kind of limited if you want to maximize your game time; so you reach for that half-quid package of instant noodles.


I hate to break it to everyone, but like most things in life, there’s a right and a wrong way to do those noodles, and odds are you’ve been doing it wrong.

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