Conpulsion 2013: Die-Shaped Eyes

There’s a storm a-brewin’. A cacophony of dice and stats and fiends is descending upon Edinburgh in just a few days, when Conpulsion 2013 opens.


From April 12th to April 14th, Conpulsion will be taking place in Teviot House and we’re going to be there, covering the event. “But what is it?”, you cry at your monitor, forgetting for an instant that the harsh reality of the internet is that I can’t hear you. Conpulsion is a tabletop gaming and gaming culture convention, full of wonderful talks, games being run by experienced GMs and stalls full of home-made chainmail(!). The full programme is available here.

Most importantly, the event’s aim is to raise money for Waverley Care. Waverley Care is a charity that, if I may quote:

“provides care and support to people in Scotland living with HIV or Hepatitis C. [They] have project bases in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Inverness and work across eight health board areas. [Their] purpose is to make a significant and meaningful difference to the lives of people living with these long-term conditions to enable them to  participate as fully as possible in the social, economic and civic life of their communities.”

The ticket prices are £10 per day or £15 for the weekend pass and the money raised here, as well as with the restaurants and cafes associated with the event, goes towards this worth cause.

So, if you happen to bump into us, come say hi!

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