Hello, one and all. Welcome to Screen-Shaped Eyes, where geek culture meets its match. We’re a collection of experienced writers who have banded together in the indie spirit to keep hold of the rights to our own work, free of corporate influence. Who are we specifically?

Scott Emslie: Co-Founder and Publicity Officer


Proud Briton Scott spends most of his time wearing bowler hats and singing upbeat songs about chimney-sweeps. He spends his time delving into the best indie games out there. You can find Scott on Twitter or e-mail him at scottemslie@screenshapedeyes.com.

Chris Matyskiel: Co-Founder and Writer Wrangler


Chris is an avid writer from the frozen wastes of Canada. Between eating moose jerky and making a living as a sled-dog salesman, he games furiously from his five-room igloo in Ontario. You can find Chris on Twitter or e-mail him at chrismatyskiel@screenshapedeyes.com.

Lucas Bert: Contributing Editor


Lucas is 19, from the UK, and likes to write about himself in third person. He is an avid PC gamer, although he is “consoling” himself with his Xbox 360 while he saves for a new computer. He enjoys playing Indie games, and has tried on several occasions to make his own, with varied results. You can read other words by him at http://www.spritevector.wordpress.com, follow him on Twitter and shout at him at lucasbert@screenshapedeyes.com.

All work on Screen-Shaped Eyes belongs to the author, for purposes of copyright.

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