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News: Torchlight Free for 12 Hours

Everyone’s favourite retailer, Good Old Games, is having a sale. Specifically, the sale involves Torchlight being entirely free. It also includes the artwork and soundtrack as bonuses. However, the sale expires today, so if you want that free game, better grab it as soon as you can.




Interview with Phil Harris, Conpulsion Co-Ordinator

As you may have heard, Team Screen-Shaped (or at least the Scottish side of the team) went along to Scotland’s premier tabletop convention a few weeks ago and we really rather enjoyed it. We recently caught up with Phil Harris, Conpulsion Co-ordinator for his thoughts on how the event went and what the future holds for Conpulsion.

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Conpulsion 2013: A Sense of Conmunity

There’s a warming sense of inclusion when you walk through the imposing front door of Teviot House. This weekend, the stately corridors forgo student life for the reverberation of d20 scattered on oaken tables. Hundreds of like-minded folk have come together in the pursuit of a common goal: the rampant acquisition not only of joy, but of experiences shared.

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