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News: Ouya’s in the Parking Lot, Call the 5-0!

I really, really wish this was a joke.


In another baffling display of juvenile butt-hurt, the Entertainment Software Association (such morally upstanding persons as they supported SOPA until it crashed and burned), has continued its rivalry with the developers of the Ouya. For those not in the know, the Ouya was barred from E3 for undisclosed conflicts between its developers and the ESA. In response, Ouya set up its own display in the parking lot, and invited anyone with a heartbeat to visit it and examine their hardware- no canned applause or press pass required. Seeing this, the ESA responded by renting space in front of them and filled it with semi trucks, attempting to block them from view. In turn, Ouya rented the space in front of those trucks, and filled it with ads. Yesterday, the LAPD showed up at the E3 convention and began checking the Ouya display’s permits. Satisfied no wrongdoing had occurred, the police went back to doing their jobs. 


Now, ridiculousness of this situation aside, I have a real problem with the ESA calling the cops. The police aren’t there to arbitrate pissing matches between two companies. Police time is better used doing things like ‘protecting’ and ‘serving’, and dealing with actual disputes and crimes. 


Source: IGN

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Conpulsion 2013: Die-Shaped Eyes

There’s a storm a-brewin’. A cacophony of dice and stats and fiends is descending upon Edinburgh in just a few days, when Conpulsion 2013 opens.


From April 12th to April 14th, Conpulsion will be taking place in Teviot House and we’re going to be there, covering the event. “But what is it?”, you cry at your monitor, forgetting for an instant that the harsh reality of the internet is that I can’t hear you. Conpulsion is a tabletop gaming and gaming culture convention, full of wonderful talks, games being run by experienced GMs and stalls full of home-made chainmail(!). The full programme is available here.

Most importantly, the event’s aim is to raise money for Waverley Care. Waverley Care is a charity that, if I may quote:

“provides care and support to people in Scotland living with HIV or Hepatitis C. [They] have project bases in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Inverness and work across eight health board areas. [Their] purpose is to make a significant and meaningful difference to the lives of people living with these long-term conditions to enable them to  participate as fully as possible in the social, economic and civic life of their communities.”

The ticket prices are £10 per day or £15 for the weekend pass and the money raised here, as well as with the restaurants and cafes associated with the event, goes towards this worth cause.

So, if you happen to bump into us, come say hi!

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The PS4: Glass Half Empty

When a new console is announced, it appears to be customary for games writers to fall into one of two camps. On one hand, we have those who devour press releases and regurgitate them in sprawling paeans to god given silicon form, frothing wildly at the mouth and genitals for the chance to touch the very future of gaming. On the other, the cynics. The embittered husks where joy and enthusiasm once dwelt, their faces a sculpture of disdain and ill-hidden sneers.

I am going to try to avoid falling into either camp, but I’d like to apologise for the inexorable decline into cynicism and sarcasm that I’m pretty confident will happen throughout this article. You see, I don’t really hold out much hope for the PS4 as the future of gaming.


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The PS4: Glass Half Full

With the spectacle of Sony’s PlayStation 4 conference past, the chaotic swirl of speculation, criticism and reaction to the first look at the next generation of consoles has begun. It’s now the time gaming media and gamers themselves begin to pick apart Sony’s presentation, and sort out exactly what to make of the information they’ve been given.

There will inevitably be criticism of the PS4. Much of it, such as the lack of information about the cost of the console itself, is justified. I personally still have a lot of questions and concerns about the PS4, and won’t be making any decision on purchasing anything until I learn more from Sony and see Microsoft’s response with their own next-gen console.

Yet despite much of nay saying you’ll hear, there was still was a lot of promise in what was presented in New York that night.


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Prepare to Panic: New Details on Dark Souls II Emerge

This week, those of us eager to hear more about Dark Souls II received a few more morsels of information about the game’s development.

dead souls

The news likely left fans with with one major question.

Should they be worried?

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Sensationalism and Tragedy

I hate it. I hate seeing the media taking murder and turning it into money. I hate the media using the horrors inflicted by a sick man to tug at out hearts. And I hate those using the emotions of a bereaved nation to pimp their pet causes, no matter what they are. Whenever a mass shooting happens, opportunists of every stripe come out of the woodwork to blame someone or demand something. Jack Thompson is already trying to use the media machine to try to blame games. The gun control lobby is trying to blame guns. And it goes on and on and on, with everyone ignoring the real issues- mental health care in America and media sensationalism. Disturbed persons contemplating mass murder will obtain the tools regardless, and no amount of video games will have any affect on their decision to butcher the innocent. We as gamers need to remember not to react in a knee-jerk way to baseless accusations like those old Jack is levelling at us once more. People are hurt, lashing out, reaching out. There are some trying to exploit it for their own agendas. Just…turn off the TV. Listening to Jack Thompson or others only helps them. Be informed, but don’t be used. Continue reading

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