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Preview: Card Hunter

Card Hunter is a game the eschews the traditional trappings of genre. It is at once a deck-builder, a CCG, a dungeon-crawler and a tactical strategy game. But where other games might have fallen in a jack-of-all-trades compromise, Card Hunter comfortably extends across genres with elegant design and charming writing.

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Preview: Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves

I’ve often wondered what it’d be like to be Canadian and therefore a lumberjack. Apologies if that stereotype offends, I don’t really think all Canadians are lumberjacks. Some of you are Mounties too, but I know what that’s like, thanks to daytime TV. I’ve often imagined it a bourbon-swilling, axe-swinging sort of job. Holding away wolves with one blistered and splintered hand while felling trees right and left with the other. I didn’t  however, think it would involve werewolves, rock traps and blessed bullets. Which shows how much I know about the logging industry.

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Preview: InFlux

A sphere crashes to the ground, cast down from the sky into an abandoned landscape. Emerging from a crater, the ball rolls along a beach to encounter an incongruous cube, blighting the sands with its stark sterility. The surface of the cube ripples as the sphere approaches and breaches the wall between this reality and the next. This is InFlux.

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Preview: The Showdown Effect

Everyone who knows me knows that I love cheesy action movies more than a bloodthirsty mouse. Whether it be Arnie flinging doors from the side of cars, Jackie Chan running over villains in a hovercraft or Van Damme holding a be-rollerbladed foot in someone’s face, I will be there cheering them on. I know they can’t hear me. Deep in my heart though, I wish they could.

However, the 80’s action movie hasn’t had as much of an effect on the gaming scene as it should have. We could have had wildly over-the-top shooters complete with cheesy one-liners and hilariously low-production-value set-pieces instead of staid man-shoots, with po-faced military professionals firing at a series of foreign targets. Somewhere between the need for antagonists with sentimental back-stories and the rush to be the most inwardly sceptical about the violence proffered, games forgot that action should be fun. We need less Red Dawn, more Last Action Hero.

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Preview: Faeria

I am your God. I command the heft and heave of continents. I bring forth life from dust and I give the gift of death to those who do not bend to my will. Armies march at my word to crush my foes and the land itself rejects the heretics who worship another lesser being. These lands and people are mine.

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Preview: Don’t Starve

An odd figure stands before me in a field mottled with grass and twigs. He says very little, spending his few words on a single suggestion: that I should eat before night-fall. He vanishes, leaving me bewildered and alone. I look around the gothic plains in front of me and see a soft shine in the grass, the shattered remains of a larger piece of flint. I secure the flint to a branch to create a makeshift axe. Now I can really get to work. I see a bee-hive ahead and with the advice of the mysterious stranger ringing in my ears, I descend upon the hive to gather some honey. I ready my axe and swing once. Twice. Bees spurt from the top, angry at my invasion of their home.

Then I died.

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Impressions: In Verbis Virtus

You’re a wizard, ‘Arry. At least, that’s what In Verbis Virtus wants you to think and, by and large, it succeeds. If you’re one of those people who shouted out the spells along with Harry Potter or spent hours yelling “FUS RO- OH GOD I’M LONELY” at Skyrim, you might just want to join me in giving In Verbis a go.

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Mechwarrior Online Preview

Like many, I’ve longed for the return of the MechWarrior franchise. Set in 3050 (an important year in the franchise), you customize a giant, bipedal robot and fight others for your faction. I feel like I should be getting into the beta’s backstory, but it seems less important at the moment- the faction system hasn’t been implemented yet. A fair few of the other typical features from MechWarrior games aren’t present yet, but since the game is in open beta, it’s sort of understandable. Continue reading

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