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Review: The Walking Dead: 400 Days


When I was young, my father introduced me to a strange Vietnamese dish known as bittermelon (in English anyways). Its a round green fruit with a hole in the middle, where boiled noodles and beef were tucked into, making a strange looking dish that rivals weird food I’ve seen today. He told me it was a very specific and aquired taste; and that he’d give me $100 if I could eat one. Eager and greedy, I bit into it; a tiny bite for a tiny little 6 year old kid. I gagged and started crying, and my dad started laughing. He even brought out the money and waved it around my face. Gathering courage,I bit again and cried more. To make a long story short, I needed therapy and I didn’t get $100; but I do like bittermelon now. And Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead has never been anything but a huge slice of bittermelon.

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Review: The Last of Us

The Last of Us is the kind of game people wait for. It’s worth waiting for, as well. For those concerned about spoilers, there will be none in this review.


The basic storylines of the game seems deceptively simple: a fungal apocalypse essentially destroys the world, with survivors holed up in quarantine zones. Twenty years on, said zones are downtrodden, oppressed, and  Joel, a smuggler, is hired to bring a young girl out of one of the zones to a safer place. It’s no simple task- the world we see every day has crumbled, and is populated by crazed tribes of scavengers, fungal zombies, and plenty of dangers from the environments and injury alone. The initial outset of the game seems simple, but it’s deceptively complex at times.

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Review: Marvel Heroes

Any comic book fan can tell you that crossover events can be a bit of a mess. Countdown to Final Crisis showed DC fans that a series containing all of your favourite heroes was no guarantee of quality. Marvel fans though get the unique pleasure of seeing a terrible crossover event and get to be shafted for the privilege. Welcome to Marvel Heroes.

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Review: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

As I was saying, the best DLC for Far Cry 3 would be one with barely any plot, but a dozen or so new outposts and hunts. That’s what makes Blood Dragon the ideal DLC for me, but I know there’s going to be quite a few people out there irritated by its adherence to its D-movie theme. It’s over-the-top neon-infused violence. It’s any action movie from the 80s. It’s every action movie from the 80s.

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Review: Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is a game conflicted. One on hand, it attempts to expose the primitive desire for violence and show it to be the surest path to madness. On the other hand, it lets you straight up murder dozens of people in the most bloody entertaining fashion available. When the game drops the philosophical pretence, it’s the perfect example of the fun you can have with FPS games.

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Review: StarDrive

There’s something inspiring about the concept of space. There’s an eerie yet inviting presence that emanates from its depths. It inspires humanity to greater heights of scientific progress and has worked as muse to thousands of authors and poets. It is deep and meaningful. StarDrive is the opposite of space.

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Fortune Sides With Those Who Ludum Dare: Part 1

Ludum Dare

Ludum Dare, for those of you who aren’t familiar, is a competition where games developers and like-minded individuals gather to create games around a theme. They’re given 48 hours to do so and this year’s theme was minimalism. I bravely put on my indie hat and leapt head first into the thousands of games on offer to pick out a random selection (a twenty-sided die may have been involved) for your pleasure/displeasure/apathy. Here’s the first lot.

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Review: Kairo

Kairo intrigues me. It’s been longer than I like to remember since I last played a game that drew a line in the sand and said, “Here’s some puzzles and nothing more”. It’s become the fashion for puzzle games to be narrative-led and Kairo stands as a striking counterpoint to both the folly and genius of story-based puzzlers.

Kairo Screenshot (1)

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Review: Guacamelee!

Mix super-powered lucha libre wrestling with classic Metroidvania open-world gameplay and what is the outcome? A mash of Mexican madness which is one of the hottest action-platformers during this gaming generation. Designed by little known developers DrinkBox Studios, responsible for Tales Of A Blob From Space, this Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita exclusive game is a unique, visually pleasing and astoundingly amusing game to play and certainly has a lot to shout about.

guacamelee 1

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The Illusion of Choice: Depression Quest

I suffer from depression. I’ve written an article on it already, which you may or may not have read. I’m saying this upfront to assure you that I’m going to try to avoid talking about my specific experiences, but more about the game and depression in general.

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