Screen Shaped Podcast Episode 2: Dan Fast, Nick Furious

Hey everyone! We’ve just launched our podcast hosting little brother site,! Head on over HERE for our latest podcast, and listen to us talk about:

-The Xbox One!

-The Fast and the Furious!

-E3 Hopes (Which have been dashed or fulfilled!)

– And most important, Vidja GamesDanFastNickFurious

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News: Ouya’s in the Parking Lot, Call the 5-0!

I really, really wish this was a joke.


In another baffling display of juvenile butt-hurt, the Entertainment Software Association (such morally upstanding persons as they supported SOPA until it crashed and burned), has continued its rivalry with the developers of the Ouya. For those not in the know, the Ouya was barred from E3 for undisclosed conflicts between its developers and the ESA. In response, Ouya set up its own display in the parking lot, and invited anyone with a heartbeat to visit it and examine their hardware- no canned applause or press pass required. Seeing this, the ESA responded by renting space in front of them and filled it with semi trucks, attempting to block them from view. In turn, Ouya rented the space in front of those trucks, and filled it with ads. Yesterday, the LAPD showed up at the E3 convention and began checking the Ouya display’s permits. Satisfied no wrongdoing had occurred, the police went back to doing their jobs. 


Now, ridiculousness of this situation aside, I have a real problem with the ESA calling the cops. The police aren’t there to arbitrate pissing matches between two companies. Police time is better used doing things like ‘protecting’ and ‘serving’, and dealing with actual disputes and crimes. 


Source: IGN

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Screen-Shaped E3: Ubisoft

Nick: Hey everyone, I’m Nick. I’m parking it early and waiting for Ubisoft. Making some quick commentary on the first looks we have on The Bureau and Beyond: Two Souls.

Nick: The Bureau actually looks interesting. Real-time tactical third-person shooter action with a heavy focus on tactics, a definitive X-COM look, and interesting powers, I’m hopeful for this one.

Nick: Oh man, Beyond: Two Souls takes all the promise of non-combat and interesting story line and throws it away with third-person cover shooter combat. And its coming from Quantic Dream, so its going to be even WORSE. Continue reading

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Screen-Shaped E3: EA

Chris: You cannot fathom the dread I have going into this press conference. YOU ARE NOT PREPARED.


Nick: I am always prepared. My body is ready. Continue reading

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Screen-Shaped E3: Microsoft

Scott: Hello all! Scott here, Co-Founder of Screen-Shaped Eyes.

Chris: Hello everyone, I’m Chris Matyskiel, senior editor. I’m betting this will be ugly.

Nick: Hey everybody, this is Nick Nguyen, podcast person. Its 9 am, I can’t think of a better title. My body is ready for the abuse that will be Microsoft E3. Commenting on an unseen moment, Microsoft has delayed their press conference by 30 more minutes. Perhaps someone finally told them that they did not, in fact, knock it out of the park at the hardware announcement. Continue reading

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Review: StarDrive

There’s something inspiring about the concept of space. There’s an eerie yet inviting presence that emanates from its depths. It inspires humanity to greater heights of scientific progress and has worked as muse to thousands of authors and poets. It is deep and meaningful. StarDrive is the opposite of space.

2013-05-20_00072 Continue reading

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Choose Your Own Gamebook #2

Welcome to part two of our look at gamebooks. In part one, we looked at Adventure Gamebooks (AGs) that incorporate Branching Points and RPG aspects into one compact and enjoyable book. Even though Adventures are the most popular of the three, it would be ridiculous to overlook what BP and RPG have to offer. They each have their own fantastic series that are definitely worth your time and are guaranteed to arouse your intrigue.


Continue reading

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Tap Trainee™: A Beginner’s Guide to iOS Gaming

Are you a Tap Trainee™? Follow my wonderful guide and I, Lucas Bert, shall show you the way into a magical world where you’ll no longer have to stumble through the App Store, playing games which are more in-app purchases than anything else. Indeed, I will point you through to the best games on iOS, and it will be a beautiful experience for all.


Continue reading

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EA Stops Paying For Guns, and Why You Shouldn’t Be Proud of Them

Well, Electronic Arts has announced that it’s no longer going to pay to licence guns and accessories from manufacturers. Gun control advocates cheered, and most gamers didn’t care. All in all, it wasn’t so much a careful step or public relations coup so much as it was a brief pause in a seemingly endless parade of stupidity. 20130307-214334.jpg For those not in the know, EA licensed weapons from real-life manufacturers for use in Medal of Honor: Warfighter and other games. Now, aside from the ongoing debate in the US over gun rights, why does this matter? Well, for one thing, it’s the reason your games are expensive. Continue reading

Conpulsion 2013: The Interviews

Fi Miller, our Video Editor, was a busy bee during Conpulsion and her honey was video interviews and here is some of that honey and I think this metaphor got away from me a little. Asides from bees though, we’d like to bring you the first two video interviews, with Black Lion Games and Chaos of the Warp respectively. Continue reading

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