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Preview: Card Hunter

Card Hunter is a game the eschews the traditional trappings of genre. It is at once a deck-builder, a CCG, a dungeon-crawler and a tactical strategy game. But where other games might have fallen in a jack-of-all-trades compromise, Card Hunter comfortably extends across genres with elegant design and charming writing.

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Fortune Sides With Those Who Ludum Dare: Part 1

Ludum Dare

Ludum Dare, for those of you who aren’t familiar, is a competition where games developers and like-minded individuals gather to create games around a theme. They’re given 48 hours to do so and this year’s theme was minimalism. I bravely put on my indie hat and leapt head first into the thousands of games on offer to pick out a random selection (a twenty-sided die may have been involved) for your pleasure/displeasure/apathy. Here’s the first lot.

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Preview: Faeria

I am your God. I command the heft and heave of continents. I bring forth life from dust and I give the gift of death to those who do not bend to my will. Armies march at my word to crush my foes and the land itself rejects the heretics who worship another lesser being. These lands and people are mine.

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