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Opinion: Why Your Ending Sucks

Your ending sucks.

It’s kind of the universal complaint that accompanies most of the biggest games that have come out in the last couple of years. Human Revolution‘s ending was bland, Mass Effect 3‘s was a warcrime thematically, tonally, and structurally. Regardless, most of the endings I’ve seen in the last few years to games have been underwhelming to utterly grotesque. The exceptions  stand out for simple reasons that most people haven’t thought about.


Fair warning, spoilers ahoy. If you haven’t beaten Deus Ex:Human Revolution, Mass Effect 2 or 3, you’ve been warned.

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Screen-Shaped Podcast: Dat Carapace

Welcome boys and girls, one and all, to the very first episode of the Screen-Shaped Podcast!

Queen of Blades

Chris, Scott, Callum, and Nick band together to talk about:

  • Insect-Based Fetishism!
  • Child Trafficking!
  • Not Time-Travel!
  • Metacritic!
  • DRM!
  • Not Space-Squids!

And much more!

Please be warned, however, that there are major spoilers for Bioshock Infinite, among other games.

Intro/Outro Credit: Tank!

Written By: Yoko Konno

Performed By: The Seatbelts

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Opinion: Everybody Hates EA

The EA Hate Wagon is a glorious vehicle.

It’s shiny and sexy; adorned with spinning rims and all sort of bells and whistles. What makes it most alluring, however, is that even though it though the weight of all the angry, red-faced screaming gamers who cling to it make the whole thing appear on the verge of collapse, there’s always room for one more.


Let’s face it, it’s easy to hate EA. Really easy.

The company’s history, policies and perceived attitude toward gamers makes the industry giant an easy–and arguably deserving–target. It is a faceless, monolithic corporation that appears to have no qualms about bleeding every last dollar out of consumers. To the many a gamer, EA comes off as a smiling, well-manicured Bond villain- stroking a white cat in high-backed chair and laughing at the foolish, unwashed masses from a shadowy lair.

EA’s recent actions have only made it it easier to cast them as the “bad guy”.

Comments from EA CFO Blake Jorgensen that the company would include microtransactions in “all” its games, and the disaster that was the launch of SimCity have only served to add more high-octane fuel to the Hate Wagon. A blog by multi-millionaire developer Cliff Blazinki, in which he justifies the “anything for a profit” model of capitalism as if it were some virtue we should pat company’s like EA on the back for, also did little to quell the outrage.

So is all the anger justified? Maybe.

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Review: Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC

I love Mass Effect.  Let me make that clear- the original was a wondrous sanctuary where I got away from a hard time in my life. The second was a dark adventure that consumed every free moment of time I had through my first year of college. I hold the series to an extremely high standard, because it’s proved that it can be held, judged, and deal with the criticism. I was excited (and more than a little nervous) about the announcement of the Citadel DLC. Leviathan had proved to be an exercise in attempting to justify the ending; I was understandably a little gun-shy. I’ve tried to make this review as absolutely spoiler free as possible- mostly because there are so many surprises in the DLC that I don’t want to give away.


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2012: A Dismal Year in Gaming

Looking back on this year in PC gaming, I have to say…it’s been grim. Potential success stories have been marred by a single-minded struggle from larger companies to cash in. In fact, some of the behavior we’ve seen as gamers from companies has been absolutely atrocious. Games that otherwise would have been legendary fell flat on their faces, and the games of the year came out of the blue to impress everyone. It’s been a bizarre, dark-horse year for gaming as a whole. However, two particular examples rose particularly prominently: Continue reading

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2012: The Best Year In Gaming

Whenever I flit my eyes over to a site that I don’t happen to write for (although, let’s be honest, why would anyone look at any other site than Screen-Shaped Eyes, the holy bastion of games writing, the Mecca of videogame nonsense?), it seems like this year is getting a bad rap. It’s a year, we’re told, marred by the juvenile attitudes of gamers and those marketing to them alike, by legendary franchises crushed into the dirt and of our biggest hopes for the year being riddled with flaws. I’d like to suggest though, via the traditional annual list article, that 2012 was the best year for gaming. Continue reading

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