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Opinion: Why Your Ending Sucks

Your ending sucks.

It’s kind of the universal complaint that accompanies most of the biggest games that have come out in the last couple of years. Human Revolution‘s ending was bland, Mass Effect 3‘s was a warcrime thematically, tonally, and structurally. Regardless, most of the endings I’ve seen in the last few years to games have been underwhelming to utterly grotesque. The exceptions  stand out for simple reasons that most people haven’t thought about.


Fair warning, spoilers ahoy. If you haven’t beaten Deus Ex:Human Revolution, Mass Effect 2 or 3, you’ve been warned.

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Closing Ranks: Why We Need to Be Like BSN

It’s a well-known fact that publishers and developers have a simple if effective manner of dealing with discontent with their player bases: if they don’t say anything, eventually the ire will ebb away. Players will be distracted by other releases, placated by out-and-out bribes, or simply calm down and just be bitter. It’s not that these publishers and studio’s don’t deserve to be forgiven for things like Aliens: Colonial Marines, Diablo III and Duke Nukem Forever- they need to do things to earn that forgiveness, forever. If they don’t, players need to remember the actions of studios when making their next purchase.


So what does any of this have to do with one of the strangest, loudest communities in gaming?

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Review: Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC

I love Mass Effect.  Let me make that clear- the original was a wondrous sanctuary where I got away from a hard time in my life. The second was a dark adventure that consumed every free moment of time I had through my first year of college. I hold the series to an extremely high standard, because it’s proved that it can be held, judged, and deal with the criticism. I was excited (and more than a little nervous) about the announcement of the Citadel DLC. Leviathan had proved to be an exercise in attempting to justify the ending; I was understandably a little gun-shy. I’ve tried to make this review as absolutely spoiler free as possible- mostly because there are so many surprises in the DLC that I don’t want to give away.


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