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Review: Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is a game conflicted. One on hand, it attempts to expose the primitive desire for violence and show it to be the surest path to madness. On the other hand, it lets you straight up murder dozens of people in the most bloody entertaining fashion available. When the game drops the philosophical pretence, it’s the perfect example of the fun you can have with FPS games.

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First Impressions: Crysis 3

After spending about a week playing the open beta for Crysis 3, I can tell that the game is going to look fantastic when it finally hits stores later this month.

The two available maps showcased the stunning graphics developer Crytek is known for creating. The environments were just a taste of the lush, crumbling “urban jungle” the developers have promised players throughout the game’s development. From the graphics of the maps to the detailed high tech look of the iconic nanosuits and futuristic weapons, it certainly looks like Crytek will deliver on giving players a gorgeous game. And that’s just from seeing it on the Xbox 360. No doubt Crysis 3 will look even more spectacular on the PC.

But beyond the eye-catching graphics, the meat of the game’s multiplayer experience wasn’t anything to write home about.

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